23 October 2007

Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda swamji explains about Moogambika

Now Sri Swamiji explains how Kola Maharshi did penance in that holy place of Kollur, how did Mother Goddess Sri Chamundeswari, Chandi, Durga came to be known as Mookambika, how did She incarnated in that place and how Lord Shiva Himself created a 'Srichakra' in that holy place. Sri Swamiji sang his new composition:
A Maharshi named Kolav, (for many yugas (ages) in the precincts of Kollur also called Kolapuri) Kollur is situated in the opposite direction of Sahyadri Mountain ranges. The structure, the atmosphere, the surroundings of this place Kollur is very beautiful and in the form of 'Srichakra'.
' Kolapuri Mookambika, Leelachari Devaatmika'
In the above song is contained the whole story. Kolapuri, Kolhapura and Kollur are three different places and in all the three holy places Mahalakshmi is the presiding deity.
Now Kolapura Mahalakshmi's story. In Kolhapura Mahalakshmi is in the Shakti form and in Kolpuri She is in Vishnu's form and hence called Vaishnavi. Maharshi (sage) Kola,the Brahma-maanasa-putra ( son, born out of the mind of Brahma) did penance for vanquishing of demon Kolasura.
The noble sage did meditating on Lord Shiva for killing of the demon,Kolasura. This Sahyadri mountain range has spread almost all over Karnataka touching the Tirumal Tirupathi also. That is why Lord Dattatreya wanders in these ranges and in the afternoon goes to Gaya and Prayaga for the holy bath and to Ganagapura for his 'Bhiksha'. That is why Dattareya's Mahima and devotees of Datta are more in number in the south region. When Shiva appears, pleased with the penance of Kola Maharshi and ask him his wish, Kola Maharshi says that this holy placed should be named after him and it should become a 'siddha kshetra' (i.e.a place where tapas are accomplished successfully). and whoever does penance here should get their desires fulfilled . Lord Shiva tells him that the tapas he did will not suffice to fulfil his wish and hence he should perform tapas for a 'Manvantara" (i.e. completion of the 4 yugas successively), till 'Trishakti Mata' comes here to this place to fulfill his wish. He further says that such a situation of Trishakti Mata coming to this place will arise and giving His 'Parthiva Linga' asked Kola Maharshi to meditate Lord Shiva in that 'Parthiva Linga'form. In the Linga purana the powers of worshipping Lord Shiva in various Linga forms like Loha Linga, Shila Linga, Parthiva lingam, chitra Lingam, Mano Lingam is narrated, as a special and powerful worship. It is also given in detail the various aupices/results or fruits that arise out of worshipping of various idols i.e.Devathas which effective curative powers for psychological/mental woes (Manovyadhi/mano vyatha). They also have indicated method of worships for realising the accomplishments.
So Kola Maharshi went on with his 'tapas' for several thousands of years. Then a demon by name 'Kamhasura' pleased Shakti Durga by his penance and got granted a boon that no man shall conquer or kill him. After that this demon after conquering so many kingdoms comes to this place Kolapura. Seeing this beautiful and wonderful place he felt like establishing his kingdom there and threw away the Kola Maharshi physically ,who was doing penance mentally. Kola Maharshi was in transcendental state unconscious of his body and mind. Then this demon Kamhasura who was troubling Devathas (Gods) and other saintly persons. Unable to withstand this any more, the Devathas and Rishis prayed to Shakti Durga for killing this demon Kamhasura Herself as he had been torturing and killing innocent rishis and causing them trouble and sufferings without any fear as he knew he could not be killed by any man. Here a peculiar situation of killing her son arises as no purusha (man) could kill him by the powers of the boons She Herself had granted. So She goes Herself to this place, Kolapura in the form of Goddess Bhairavi to kill this demon.
Coming to know of this, the demon runs away to 'Rishyamooka' Mountain and indulged in penance. The God Who granted such boon only should do the 'samhara' (vanquishing) also. Like the killing of Bhasmasura, the demon, by Lord Vishnu in Mohini roopa (form). Knowing of Goddess Bhairavi's arrival, all the Devathas started coming to this place and settled there.
The Kola Maharshi who was in deep penance, had Darshan of Lord Vishnu before the completion of the stipulated period of penance prescribed by Lord Shiva. Since Kola Maharshi had concentrated and meditated both on Vishnu and Shiva, both the Gods appear. When Vishnu and Shiva comes to that place to bless Kola Maharshi, Lord Brahma also came and all the Devathas also followed the suit. In the meanwhile there arises some trouble. A demon named Mahishasura, elder brother of demon Kamhasura, had started troubling and creating problems for Devathas. Incidentally, he also had the boon of not getting killed by any man by the Goddess.
The demon Kamhasura, through his tapas shakti (power of penance) came to know that his brother Mahishasura has created more problems and troubles and for the time being, Kamhasura decided to keep quite till his brother stops creating nuisances. In the meantime, in Kolapura where Goddess Bhairavi had taken residence and Brahma,Vishnu Maheshwara,who also had come pleased with the penance of Kola Maharshi , and the other Devathas, held a Session to think of a way to vanquish Mahishasura first as he was creating more problems than the others. Then when they made 'Sankalpa' together, immediately there emanates Tejas/shakti from the face of the Trinity Gods (Brahma, Vishnu & Maheshwara) and other Devathas from their respective 'Amshas' and all these Tejas/shakti joining together , a most powerful form of Chandi, Goddess Mother arises out of the Celestial fire. That Mother who has come in the form of Chandi devi was given different 'Ayudhas'/Shastras (weapons and armoury) by each of the Trinity Gods and all the Devathas. She leaves to kill Mahishasura.
After Her departure, only Vishnu an Shiva along with Kola Maharshi remain there. That place where Kola Maharshi had meditated upon Vishnu and Shiva, came to be called 'Mookambika Parvatha, mountain' and it is like a 'Ardha meru' form, a special 'bhooprasthara' form. When Kola Maharshi was asked by Shiva to utter his wish, Kola Maharshi requested Lord Shiva to stay there permanently. Lord Shiva agrees and stays there. When Lord Shiva stayed there, Lord Vishnu also takes residence in that place. Lord Shiva Himself created 'Srichakra Yantra' and instals there and Lord Vishnu protects it. Mother Goddess Chandi, resided here in the Bhairavi roopa, Vaishnavi Roopa along with Shiva Vishnu and other Devathas and Goddess and other Devathas prays to Lord Shiva.
After Mahishasura was killed and Goddess came to be called Mahishasuramardini, Lord Shiva pleased asked Her to ask for a boon and She requests Him to merge in the Srichakra yantra he created. Hence, in Kolapuri, this Srichakra Yantra is a specialty as He Himself resides in it. It is in Shiva Shakti merged form. If you recite once the word 'Kolapuri' it is enough to destroy sins.
The Devathas now turned their attention towards the demon Kamhasura who was doing penance in 'Rishyamooka' mountains and they prepared to wage war and kill him. At the same time, pleased with the penance of the demon, Lord Shiva also goes to Rishyamooka. In the meantime, Devathas pray to Goddess Mahalakshmi who was in Kolapur to do something before Lord Shiva grants boon to the demon. Then Goddess Mahalakshmi makes him dumb so that he is not able to express his wish. When Lord Shiva asks him to utter his wish, he is unable to do so and the demon comes to know of the cheat these devathas had done for him.
He comes to fight against Mother Goddess. Now that her son has come to her place to fight against her, she also had to fight and kill him and gives him 'Moksha' also. Since she made the demon 'mooka' (dumb) She came to be called 'Mookambika'. Those who possess 'tamasik' qualities pray to this Goddess Mookambika, the 'vak' ashuddhi, (impurity of speech, i.e uttering bad/slang language, and abusing others) will get destroyed. That is why the presence of this Sri Yantra in Kolapuri is specially auspicious and those who worship this Sri Yantra will be bestowed with all auspices and prosperity.

Source : http://www.dattapeetham.com/india/talks/Nvtri10.14.96.html

Actress Meera Jasmine is a devotee of Moogambika

Extracted from an interview on 24 August 2004 (source: The Rediff Interview/Meera Jasmine)
This is interview is taken after her winning of National award.

Q : You are going to the Mookambika temple.
Meera Jasmine : The Mookambika temple [dedicated to Goddess Saraswati] is a favourite of all artistes. I am very, very attached to Mookambika Amma.

I get good vibrations when I go there. I feel so peaceful and happy. My mind becomes clear. So many small, small miracles are happening in my life after that. Like the National Award.

Q : You are a Christian. Do you feel odd praying at a Hindu temple?

Meera Jasmine : No, no. I don't feel any different. If they would let me, I will go to a mosque too. I will go to any place that is divine, that gives me mental peace.

Q : Is this journey to Mookambika a thanksgiving?
Meera Jasmine : Definitely, it is a thanksgiving trip to Mookambika. I feel I have Amma's
blessings with me.

16 October 2007

Moogambika and Chottanikara Bhagawathy

At Kudashadri hill, we can see Sankarapeedam,a small shrine with Sankaracharya as deity. This is the very same place from where Sankaracharya did his meditation and was blessed with the appearance of goddess Saraswathi for his devotion, thereupon she agreed to come down to Kerala at his request, but sadly the mission wasn't successful because the goddess's condition was that she will follow Sankaracharya from behind ( to Kerala) but he cannot look back. Sankaracharya agreed with this and he walked in front and the goddess followed him. As a sign that the goddess following Sankaracharya could hear the anklet (kolusu) sound. Suddendly the kolusu sound stopped and confused Sankaracharya looked back, and she thus happens to be worshipped at Kollur Moogambika temple (Karnataka).

However to oblige Sankaracharya’s pleading she finally gave her consent to be at Chottanikara Bahagawathy temple (Kerala) at the early hours of the day. Thus, Mookambika (Saraswathy) will be present at Chottanikkara Bhagavathy (see picture) temple till 7am in the morning and Bahagawathy is drapped in white and prayed as Saraswathy every morning. That is why Mookambika temple at kollur opens 7.30am after the Goddess Moogambika (Saraswathy )returns back to kollur.
Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple is located in Chottanikkara town, 17kms away from Ernakulam. Rajarajeswari (Adiparasakthi) alias Durga Bhagavathy - the mother Goddess, is the presiding deity of the temple.

15 October 2007

Moogambika temple around the world

Moogambika temple – Kollur (Kerala)

Mookambika Devi Temple of Kollur is one of the most prominent shrines for people in the state of Karnataka and Kerala. Located at a distance of 147 km from Mangalore in the picturesque surroundings presented by the banks of the river Sauparnika and the lush green Kudashadri hill, the temple attracts millions of pilgrims every year. The temple holds immense relevance for the devotees as it is associated with revered Hindu saint and Vedic scholar Adi Shankara. It is believed that Adi Shankara perceived the idea of having a Mookambika Devi temple at Kollur and himself installed the idol of deity in the temple some 1200 years ago. People have high faith in Mookambika Devi Temple as Goddess Mookambika is regarded as a manifestation of Shakti, Saraswathi and Mahalakshmi. In fact Temple of Mookambika Devi is one of the 'Seven Muktistala' pilgrimage sites in Karnataka.

Moogambika temple – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

The story behind this Mid Valley temple (Kuala Lumpur) was that, during it's construction, the Mid valley management wanted to remove this Hindu temple but somehow they couldn't. So rumor has it that Moogambika appeared in the dream of the owner of Mid valley and told him to retain the temple. The management decided to leave it there and then refurbish into a magnificent temple under their own cost. It is important to note here that the owner of Mid valley mega mall is a Chinese. If you visit the temple you can see a Buddha statue in the temple too. The statues, artwork of this temple is beautiful. If you come to Malaysia you should visit this temple. As you all already know, no matter where Devi Moogambika is certainly she is very very powerful. For sure you will have peace of mind if you visit this temple.

Dakshina Mookambika temple - Panachikkadu,Kerala (North Paruvur)

Panachikkad Saraswathi TempleThe Saraswathi Temple known as "Dakshina Mookambika temple'' is situated at Panachikkad about 10 km from Kottayam on the way to Changanasseri. This temple is as famous as the Mookambika temple at Kolloor.

According to legends, a local Thampuran (ruler) in Paravur was a great devotee of Goddess Mookambika. He used to visit the Kollur temple in Mangalore every year to pay homage to the goddess. But when he became too old, his health worsened and he could no longer undertake the long journey to Kollur. The goddess appeared to the sad devotee in a dream and ordered him to build her idol near his palace so that he can have daily darshan of the goddess. Thampuran followed her instructions and built a temple at Paravur and installed the Goddess.

History of Moogambika

Long ago there lived a demon called Kamsasuran, who had received a boon from Lord Shiva. He was giving trouble to the gods and goddess in the heaven. Unable to bear this the gods and goddess took shelter in the Kodachadri hills. Kamsasuran had a curse that he would die in the hands of a goddess. So he did a penance to please lord Shiva. The goddess of speech along with Veerabadra, Ganapathi and Lord Shiva, made Kamsasuram dumb. Thus Kamsasuran could not ask any wishes before Lord Shiva and came to be known as Mukasuran.

Soon the devi, on the request of sage Kola decide to kill him, War erupts between Mugasuran and Durga (Kali/parasakti). But due to the boons Mugasuran has already received from Lord Shiva, even Durga Devi fails to subdue him. Upon seeing this Goddesses Saraswati and Maha Lakshmi come to the aid of Durga and will combine powers to form Devi Mugambikai. Then using her Sri Chakra devi killed mukasuran in a place which is popularly known as Maranakatte. On the request of god and goddess devi resided here in the kodachadri hills and popularly came to be known as Mookambika.

09 October 2007

Sri Moogambika Sloga


Bhasvadratanabharanavasanalaankrute Charuhastei:
Shanka chakra varadamabhayam savahanti trinetri
Hema prakeya pranatavarasandhatri padmasanaste
Kaarunyabheste bhagavati Mahalakshmi maaraksha nityam:

Sahapatya sahasraramahapadma vihaarinyam
Chaturbhujam trinayanam vidyuth kotisamaprabham
Shanka chakravarabhitirbhibhrtimatisundarim
Jvalanumkutatatatamkakaanchiharadi Ranjitam:
Pitambarachara mumbam hemabham kamadam shivayam
Srimanamhesha mahishi mahalakshmi mahambhaje:

(According to Skanda Puraana)

Sri Moogambika Sthothram

The following Sthothram from the ancient Skanda Purana is in adoration of Sri Mookambika (Kolapureshi). If chanted daily, the sages assure, it will bring Divine guidance, harmony and prosperity.

Namasthay Jagath-dhaathri sad-Brahma-roopay
Namasthay Haropayndra -daathraadi-vandhyay
Namasthay prapannayshta -daanaika-dakshay
Namasthay Mahaalakshmi Kolaapurayshi

O Mother of the Universe, the Supreme Brhaman, we prostrate before Thee, who is worshipped by Siva, Upendra, Brahma and other Deities. Prostrations to thee who fulfils the desires of those taking refuge in Thee. Prostrations to Thee O Mahaalakshmi, the Goddess of Kolapura.

Viddih Kriththivaasaa Harirvishwamaythath
Srijathyaththi paatheethi yaththath-prasidham
Kripaalokanaadeva thay shakthi-roopay
Namasthay Mahaalakshmi Kolaapureshi

Lord Brahma creates this universe. Lord Siva annithilates it. Lord Vishnu protests it. But O Mahaalakshmi, it is with the benign look of Thee, whose form is Power itself, they perform all those acts. Prostrations to Thee, O Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Kolapura.

Thavayaa maayayaa vyaapthamaythath samastham
Dhritham leelayaa Devi kukshou hi vishwam
Sthitham budhiroopana sarvathra janthou
Namasthay Mahaalakshmi Kolaapurayshi

This whole universe is permeated with Thy Divne Maaya, while, O Devi, Thou bear the entire universe playfully in thy womb. Thou reside in every being in the form of intelligence. Prostrations to Thee O Mahalakshmi, Goddess of Kolapura.

Yayaa bhakthavargaa hi lakshuyantha aethay
Tvayaathra prakaamam kripaapoornadrishtyaa
Atho geeyasay Devi Lakshmeerithi thvam
Namasthay Mahaalakshmi Kolaapurayshi

O Devi, as Thou cast thy benign glance on all Thy devotees, Thou art called Mahalakshmi. Prostrations to Thee O Mahalakshmi, Goddess of Kolapura.

Punar-vaak-patuthvaadi-neenaa hi mookaa
Naraisthair-nikaamam khalu praardhyasay yath
Nijayshtaapthayay thachcha Mookaambikaa thvam
Namasthay Mahaalakshmi Kolapurayshi

Those who lack intelligence and power of expression pray earnestly for Thy Grace and Thou raise them endowing them with talents and wisdom. Therefore Thou art Kumari. Prostrations to Thee O Mahaalakshmi, Goddess of Kolapura.

Hareeshaadi-dayhothdha thyjomaypra
Mhaayogi Kolarhi-hrithpadma gayhay
Namasthay Mahaalakshmi Kolapurayshi

Srichakra, the king of the mystic symbols, which emanated from the very spledour of Lord Mahavishnu, Lord Siva and other Deities, is Thy Form. Prostrations to Thee O Mahaalakshmi Goddess of Kolapura, who resides in the lotus heart of the Mahaa Yogi Kola Maharshi.

Namah samkha-chakraabhayaa-bheeshta hasthay
Namasthay Ambikay Gauri padmaasanasthay
Namah swara-varay prasannay sharanyay
Namsthay Mahaalakshmi Kolaapurayshi.

Prostrations to Thee O Devi who hold in Thy four arms the conch, the discus and the mystic symbols Abhaya and Abheeshta Mudra-s. Prostration to Thee, Mother, who sits in mystic pose of Padmaasana. Prostration toThee, the graceful refuge of all, the golden hued, the Blissful. Prostrations to Thee O Mahaalakshmi, Godess of Kolapura.

Edam sthothra-rathnam kritham sarvadaiva
Hridi thavaam samaadhaaya Lakshmyashtakam yah
Padynnithyamaysha vrajathyaashu Lakshmeem
Suvidhyaam cha sathyam bhavathyaah prasaadaath.

07 October 2007

Theviye Moogamibige....

Theviye moogamibige arul tharum aalayame
Saathame saathvigame kollur kaaviyame
Seiyaga ethpaaye… thayaga kaatpaaye…
Sivasankari,,,,,,, amma avayam neeye!

Thanga vaal enthi kannil oli minnum nyana thibame
Aathi sangarar yoga sakkaram paadum vethama
Unnai thuti paadatha naal ethamma
Unatharul illamal naan ethamma…?

Varuvorku arulum veedu
Vali kaathum kollur kaadu
Pini theerkum mooligai saaru
Pinai theerkkum unatharul – nimmathi tharume

Kalaimagal theviyiyum malaimagal aaviyil theva sangamam
Kodumagal purintha mooga suranin simma soppanam

Tharuvathil unakingu eedethamma
Nee thanthathai naan solla naal pothuma

Kanivaana kaaval neeye
Kalir kaala thieva thaaye
Katpoora ethiye theeye
Mugamibagai thaye- karunaiyin sigaram